Elon Musk Has Confirmed He is Sending People to Mars in 2026

Elon Must sending people to Mars in 2026

Elon Musk has set up a goal to visit mars in 2026. His plans are very ambitious and seem very confident that he is sending people to Mars in 2026.

Bloomberg Digital News

Musk tweeted this week that he thinks a human landing will happen in 2029, but according to Bloomberg News and The Wall Street Journal, he was planning on a 2026 mission as recently as December of last year. It’s pretty clear he won’t hit his initial goal of 2024 either, which he estimated for having boots on the Red Planet back in 2016 says Tim Prado of Bloombreg News.

If he is able to get people to the Martian surface by 2029, it would mark a special anniversary as evidenced by the tweet pictured below that depicts the first Moon landing in 1969, exactly 60 years prior. It was his reply to this tweet that included Musk’s new prediction, as he simply said, “2

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